The first International Myeloma Action Day is a huge success

By Yelak Biru
GMAN Advisor

In 2016, representatives of patient advocacy organizations from around the world met in Copenhagen for the Annual Summit of the Global Myeloma Action Network (GMAN). Together, they dedicated a day in 2017 for a unified global campaign to raise awareness, increase engagement, and drive action for the benefit of myeloma patients worldwide. To coincide with the IMFs annual Myeloma Awareness Month (MAM), the group chose the last Thursday of March 2017 be the first ever international Myeloma Action Day (MAD).

Throughout the month of March, we teased out the MAD campaign — #GMANmad17 — and shared myeloma awareness facts and factoids through Did You Knowand Could It Be Myeloma social media drives.

The week leading to March 30, 2017, the IMF and GMAN jointly issued a press release that was picked up by major news outlets.


On Myeloma Action Day, we appealed to the broader myeloma community to help us raise awareness through social media by sharing and retweeting our posts. On Facebook, we reached more than 34,000 people from around the world with almost 500 likes on the post itself and more than 1,500 total engagements from the over 400 shares. On Twitter, there were more than 4,000 engagements and impressions.



Throughout the day we released quotes from GMAN member organizations showcasing the global diversity of our membership and the commonality of the unmet needs of myeloma patients worldwide. These represented all 5 continents of our 40 member organizations.



The 1st Global Myeloma Action Day also received direct support from member organizations:

GMAN’s partners in the pharmaceutical industry supported Myeloma Action Day both through social media as well as through a country-specific campaign to educate physicians and encourage earlier diagnosis of myeloma.

We deeply appreciate all the engagement and support from our friends in all parts of the world. By working together, we become stronger as we continue to drive forward in our mission to support the needs of myeloma patients.


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