Vol.2 Issue 1 January  2016


GMAN Announces Susie Novis Durie Educational Grant


Susie_NovisGMAN is excited to announce an opportunity for members to receive funding through the newly created Susie Novis Durie Educational Grant.  GMAN will award one senior grant in the amount of $10,000 and two junior grants in the amount of $5,000 each. The Susie Novis Durie Educational Grants seek to recognize creativity and excellence in meeting the educational needs of patients, caregivers or physicians. Selected programs or initiatives will have a demonstrable impact on the lives of patients. The Grant may be used for new programs or to improve and enhance already existing ones. Your organization must be a member of GMAN to apply and may apply for only one of the three available grants.  The deadline to submit an application is February 29, 2016. Further details on grant criteria, as well as the full application, can be found online by clicking here.


Nice Reverses Myeloma Drug Retention


NiceAs of December 2015, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) of the United Kingdom is now recommending Novartis’ Farydak as a third-line treatment for patients with multiple myeloma after initially rejecting the drug for National Health Service (NHS) use earlier this year. Farydak is the first cancer medicine to target enzymes known as histone deacetylases, offering a novel mechanism of action different from other treatments on the market. This is wonderful news for myeloma patients in the UK. Read the full article here.


Member Announcements


GermanyLeukämiehilfe Rhein-Main (LHRM) Patient Events

On November 21st, LHRM and the hematological department of Prof. Dr. Monika Engelhardt from the University of Frieburg held a patient and family day to inform patients and their family members of the newest treatments and research. Lectures were given from Prof. Dr. M. Theobald, Prof. Dr. Irene Krämer, and Dr. Eva Wagner. While these lectures were for all lymphoma and leukemia patients, myeloma patients were the largest grou p in attendance.  Information was given in the form of CDs and booklets at LHRM’s exhibit booth on new and existing treatments.

Members of LHRM also participated in a German language film project about multiple myeloma .The project, created by Janssen, is directed towards German speaking hematologists to inform them about myeloma.

CroatiaUpdate on Myeloma Awareness Campaign

Croatia_PFSAccess to new treatments in Croatia is slowly improving. Last month, Mijelom CRO received some great media coverage as part of their ongoing awareness campaign for better treatment and access to new drugs. This included a three page article under the title, „Could it be Multiple Myeloma?“ in the monthly publication Pharmabiz. Pharmabiz is circulated to 7000 healthcare professionals. It is known that family doctors on average might see 1 to 2 myeloma patients in their working life, therefore awareness among HCP is an important part of the campaign.

Smart drugs are of special interest to patients and to regulators. Mira Armour, Executive Director, Mijelom CRO Croatia, gave a short interview on the significance of such drugs for patients as part of the TV News coverage. You may view her interview by clicking here.

«We are delighted with these achievements as they show that Mijelom CRO is viewed as a successful and well informed patients support organizations in Croatia and in the region. Considering that we work as volunteers the achievement is even more heart warming.» – Mira Armour.



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