Dear Colleagues,
2017 has had a great beginning! We have entered this year with renewed energy and enthusiasm, and we look forward to a dynamic and productive collaboration with each of you.At the 2016 Annual GMAN Summit in Copenhagen, together we decided to dedicate a day in March as an international Myeloma Action Day. That day is March 30, 2017, and it is fast approaching. Each member of the GMAN team has committed to undertaking activities to elevate myeloma AWARENESS into ACTION. We are eager for you to share the strategies that you have developed and the activities you are planning that will make advances in our common overall objectives:

  • To enhance and increase the services we provide
  • To improve patients quality of life
  • To improve patient care
  • To improve design of clinical trials
  • To improve access to myeloma drugs

In the February GMAN Newsletter, we will share some of your ideas and plans so that we can continue to inspire and motivate each other to ensure that Myeloma Action Day is a success. In the April GMAN Newsletter, we will report on your accomplishments, as well as the creative and collaborative ways you were able to make a positive impact on fulfilling GMANs mission.

Members of GMAN have the privilege and the responsibility to represent myeloma communities in 37 nations. Despite our geographical distances and cultural differences, we are united by one goal to improve the lives of myeloma patients around the world. We all recognize the challenges ahead, but our GMAN partnership is strong and we will succeed!

The IMF is honored to partner with you, and we are proud to be a part of the unique collaboration that is at the heart of GMAN.

Susie Novis Durie, IMF President and Chief Executive Officer
Nadia Elkebir, GMAN Coordinator
Marya Kazakova, GMAN Communications Executive
Yelak Biru, GMAN Advisory Committee Lead

News in Research:
Important New Paper Published in Leukemia

The journal Leukemia has published an important manuscript about a study of the powerful new myeloma diagnostic tool developed under the umbrella of the IMFs Black Swan Research Initiative. Next generation flow (NGF) for highly sensitive and standardized detection of minimal residual disease in multiple myeloma demonstrates the clear advantages of NGF. The success of this key BSRI project beautifully illustrates the urgency for scientific rigor and fact not only in attempting to cure myeloma, but also for keeping our planet and all of humanity safe and healthy, writes Dr. Brian G.M. Durie in his blog.

News in Clinical Trials:
Transplant Study Yields Surprising Results

The biggest myeloma story of the 58th annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) in December 2016 is the 3-arm StaMINA study, the largest randomized US transplant trial in myeloma, which compared (1) single autologous trans­plant to (2) tandem autogolous transplant and to (3) autologous transplant followed by four cycles of Revlimid + Velcade + dexa­methasone (RVD) consolidation therapy. Patients in all three arms of the study received maintenance therapy with Revlimid until dis­ease progression. The results were surprising: there was no statistical difference among the study arms in either progression-free survival or overall survival after 38 months of follow-up. Trial participants were randomized so that there were equivalent numbers of high-risk and late-stage patients in each study arm, and an analysis of how these patients fared is being conducted. Study chair Dr. Ed Stadtmauer attributes the trial results to the use of continuous maintenance therapy with  Revlimid in each of the arms. Patients will be relieved to learn that a single autologous transplant plus Revlimid maintenance is as effective as more intensive therapy with higher cost and more side effects. For more information, click HERE.

New on IMF-TV:
Can MGUS be linked to kidney problems?

In this video from January 19, Dr. Brian G.M. Durie explains that even when a patient has MGUS, which is typically a benign stage in myeloma, problems can emerge. MGUS patients may benefit from treatment if the monoclonal protein has caused damage. To view the video, go HERE.


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Events in Madrid Other International Events

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June 17-19

IMWG Annual Summit
June 17-19

EHA Annual Summit
June 22-25

February 3-4
IMF Patient & Family Seminar – Budapest, Hungary

March 1-4
16th International Myeloma Workshop (IMW) – New Delhi, India

March 17-18
IMF Patient & Family Seminar – Stockholm, Sweden

April 1-2
IMF Patient & Family Seminar – Schwerin, Germany

May 6
IMF Patient & Family Seminar – La Hulpe, Belgium

June 10
IMF Patient & Family Seminar – Paris, France

June 19-22
8th Annual Summit of the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) – Madrid, Spain

June 22-25
22nd Congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA) – Madrid, Spain