Vol.1 Issue 4 August, 2015


European Medicines Agency Grants Accelerated Review of Ixazomib

EuroMedAgencyThe European Medicines Agency (EMA) recently granted Takeda Pharmaceutical Company’s investigational multiple myeloma drug ixazomib an accelerated review. The EMA gives accelerated assessment for drugs that it believes are of major public health interest, or innovation, in order to expedite their market availability to patients. According to “Pharma Times,” over 39,000 new cases of multiple myeloma are diagnosed annually across the European Union, and Takeda’s ixazomib is the first oral proteasome inhibitor to reach phase III trials. Read the full story HERE.



AldoGMAN Vienna Summit Review

In the most recent issue of Myeloma Today, the quarterly publication of the IMF, the Vienna GMAN summit is featured in review. If your organization was unable to make the summit, or if you would like a reminder of what was discussed, take a moment to read the article HERE on page 20 and 21. The pre-summit questionnaire, as well as the post-summit evaluation results, have been posted to the member web portal under the forum for access by GMAN members only.  Click HERE to login and view the forum.



AilAIL October Patient Seminar

AIL, the Aassociazione Italiana contro le Leucemie, Linfomi e Mieloma, will hold a patient seminar on October 3rd in Rimini. The seminar will focus on keeping patients up to date on the state of research and new therapies, as well as provide a forum through which doctors, patients and caregivers can discuss living with myeloma. Registration is required but free. To register, call 06/70386059 or send an email to [email protected].








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