Vol.2 Issue 4 April  2016


GMAN Awards Susie Novis Durie Educational Grants to Myeloma Patient Organizations in Croatia, Armenia, and Paraguay

GMAN is excited to announce the recipients of the Susie Novis Durie Educational Grant. The three award-winning nonprofits are: Mijelom CRO in Croatia, recipient of a $10,000 Senior Grant; the Armenian Hematology Association (AHA), recipient of a $5,000 Junior Grant; and the United Against Cancer Foundation (Fundacion Unidos contra el Cancer- FUNCA) in Paraguay, recipient of a $5,000 Junior Grant. The grant was created to help member organizations of the IMFs Global Myeloma Action Network (GMAN) increase education, awareness, and access to treatment.

GMAN is thrilled to fund these organizations because they have the power to improve the lives of myeloma patients in countries with the greatest needs,” said IMF President and Co-Founder Susie Novis Durie. The goal of GMAN is to make a difference, and I’m confident thats exactly what these terrific recipients will do for patients around the world.

Congratulations to our recipients and we look forward to following their progress with these wonderful programs.

Reminder: Register for the 2015 FDA Approved Myeloma Treatments Webinar


On May 13th, Dr. Rafat Abonour, Director, Multiple Myeloma Program at Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, will speak about the recent myeloma drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and their real world impact in the US. With many of these drugs slated for approval or trials around the world, we hope members will join us to hear about treatments that could soon be available in their health system. Spaces are limited, so please register soon!

To learn more about Dr. Abonour and to register for the webinar, click here.


Member Announcements

Hungary– MOHA

RomaniaMOHAThe first IMF/MOHA educational day for patients and families was held on March 19th in Budapest, Hungary. With an attendance of 220 participants, this collaboration was very successful. Dr. Mikala Gabor, Hungarian Myeloma Expert at St Lazlo University Hospital, kindly translated the presentation of guest speaker Dr Rafat Abonour of Indiana University for the local audience. Both doctors are members of the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG).

Hungarian patients listened to a full and rich agenda that covered several topics, including a sensitive one on the issue of funding new myeloma treatments. This informative day was highly appreciated by attendees and we hope to continue this success in future meetings.

Please visit MOHAs Facebook page here.


Romania –Myeloma Euronet Romania

After more than 5 years of continuous advocacy, the Ministry of Health has finally authorized the price for Thalidomide and included this information on their website under Order of the Health Ministry no. 810/2015, found here. This price authorization is the first mandatory step before the inclusion of Thalidomide in the oncological program. As part of the effort to see this request become a success, MER had meetings with the Romanian Secretary of State from the Ministry of Health and the Vice-President of the Romanian Agency for Medicine.

In March, Viorica Cursaru, President of MER, attended the Patients’ Conference in Olsztyn. As usual, the conference enjoyed heavy participation from myeloma patients and a team of highly professional medical doctors. Presentations included information about novel treatments in multiple myeloma, the myths and facts of Opioids, and the need for psychological support of myeloma patients.



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