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In 2018, the International Myeloma Foundation’s Patient & Family Seminars made improvements on both a local and global level. The unique and successful practices observed in individual countries can now serve as models to incorporate positive change into all of our seminars. These successes help to increase awareness and advocacy of multiple myeloma. I…(Read More)

GMAN Funding Support Helps Launch Three Innovative Projects When we sent out the call for applications for GMANs 2017 Susie Novis Durie Grant, we knew that we would be reviewing proposals for many innovative and important projects focused on improving the lives of myeloma patients. We were thrilled by the overabundance of ideas that are…(Read More)

2017 Susie Novis Durie Grant accepting applications In 2016, the Global Myeloma Action Network (GMAN) launched the Susie Novis Durie Grant program in honor of IMF President and Founder. For 27 years, Susie’s tireless efforts to develop and implement innovative patient programs in the area of myeloma have helped countless patients around the globe…(Read More)

The first International Myeloma Action Day is a huge success By Yelak Biru GMAN Advisor In 2016, representatives of patient advocacy organizations from around the world met in Copenhagen for the Annual Summit of the Global Myeloma Action Network (GMAN). Together, they dedicated a day in 2017 for a unified global campaign to raise awareness…(Read More)

Use Your Social Media to Support GMANs International Myeloma Action Day March 30, 2017 Take action! And inspire other to take action, too! On March 30, the International Myeloma Action Day is an opportunity to spread the word among patients, physicians, and decision-makers to help raise awareness and education about myeloma. Update your social…(Read More)

Dear Colleagues, 2017 has had a great beginning! We have entered this year with renewed energy and enthusiasm, and we look forward to a dynamic and productive collaboration with each of you.At the 2016 Annual GMAN Summit in Copenhagen, together we decided to dedicate a day in March as an international Myeloma Action Day…(Read More)

On Friday December 2nd, twenty-five members of the Global Myeloma Action Network (GMAN) and industry partners met in San Diego, California during the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH). Members in attendance included Myeloma Canada, Myeloma Australia, MOHA, IMF Latin America and Fundacin Colombiana de Leucemia y Linfoma. Nadia Elkebir, Director…(Read More)

Myeloma Canada Launches Database On September 1, Myeloma Canada officially launched the Myeloma Canada Research Network National Multiple Myeloma Database. A first of its kind in Canada, “the Database is a key stepping stone to finding a cure” said Dr. Reece, Chair, Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials Group of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, and Director…(Read More)

  Cancer Moonshot Establishes Five Strategic Goals On October 17th, US Vice President Joe Biden released his report from the Cancer Moonshot Task Force with recommendations on objectives for the initiative. We previously reported on the activities of the Task Force and the Blue Ribbon Panel in last months newsletter as both groups continued to…(Read More)

  US Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel Unveils Its 10 Recommendations On September 7, 2016, a Blue Ribbon Panel an offshoot of Vice President Joe Bidens Cancer Moonshot initiative held a conference and announced its 10 Recommendations. These recommendations focus on seven main areas: clinical trials, better and greater data-sharing, cancer immunology, pediatric cancer…(Read More)